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ICU, 2014

4’ x 8’ x ¼” clear acrylic sheet, eye screws, turnbuckles, Kevlar thread, IV bags and framing projectors

The Art Collision & Repair Shop™ is a process-driven project about creativity, collaboration, and the prospects of failure, co-curated by Kathryn M Davis and Susan Begy. An auto repair shop owned by Begy's father serves as a metaphor for the project, during which the curatorial duo collects "stalled" or failed" artworks from artists in the community. The curators assign these objects to "art mechanics" who, through collaboration and experimentation, bring the work to new life. The project made its debut at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe in November 2014 through January 2015.  It involved 14 original artists, 28 art mechanics, and 9 completed works. 

Cary Cluett was one of the art mechanics, paired with Kristen Bortles as Team Runty Puppy. Together they "fixed" Jennifer Joseph's "stalled" pair of monoprints, turning them into an immersive, light-based installation called ICU.

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